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Sunday Sep 11, 2022


Monday Sep 05, 2022

On Monday 22nd August, the night before the Rights & Freedom Coalition’s Peoples’ Court rally on parliament steps in Wellington, Counterspin Media was about to live stream 2 key interviews with two prominent guests from Australia. The Counterspin crew experienced several unusual and unexpected anomalies causing problems with the streaming systems, and as the stream went out live, it was so degraded that the audience could not view it. At the same time, Avi Yemini was prevented from boarding a flight from Melbourne to cover the People’s Court rally. Three days later on Thursday 25th August more than one location was searched by the police and Counterspin’s production systems were seized in a police search, which also resulted in the arrest of the Counterspin Media hosts. This show, Episode 73, was seized in the raid as it was being prepared for re-release. The Show has now been restored so it can now be exhibited as it was intended. Here is the show you were supposed to see on 22nd August, and appears to be a show “they” didn’t want you to see. Episode 73 - Lessons from Across the Ditch Tonight we talk to Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts and Maria Zeee of Zeee Media on the Geopolitical climate our cousins in Australia are currently facing and what they see happening in the future. Please support Counterspin Media’s legal defence by donating here:  

Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

THE PEOPLE'S COURT FINDS THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT GUILTY OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! Convoys from across the country descended upon the New Zealand Parliament as they answered the call to jury service in the case of THE PEOPLE VS NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT. After testimony was heard in the Freedom and Rights Coalition led case a GUILTY verdict near the steps of Parliament was delivered. The deaths and carnage from the Pfizer jab rollout, the economic ruin, lost of livelihoods, destroyed industries, failed Police and Judicial responsibilities and a raft of other inaction to protect the people meant such could no longer allowed to be continued. This was the day the people said NO MORE! Please donate to Counterspin to keep us alive! We need funding now. Thank you:

Friday Aug 19, 2022

The recent release of Stuff Circuit's "fizzer & flop" Fire & Fury excluded any word from experts.  Tonight we will talk to three voices that should have been included.  Steve Evans from Families 4 Justice will discuss the Royal Commission of Inquiry into State Care.  Dr Ciny DeVilliers from NZDSOS will cover the ethics of ignoring the science.  Dr Guy Hatchard from the Hatchard Report will update people on the latest statistics. 🔄 Counterspin NZs Media Revolution Facts & Evidence based Not a pay to say platform

Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

After the release by government funded New Zealand media outlet Stuff of the propaganda hit piece "Fire and Fury" which targeted Counterspin Media and hosts Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer as misinformation villains, we can clearly see this lavishly funded attack has has spectacularly backfired. This week has seen in a surge of interest from the general public in a range of topics from jab injuries and the underlying issues that led to the massive protest on Parliament grounds that ended in "fire and fury" after protesters stood their ground until the jackbooted thugs masquerading as the New Zealand Police brought it to a violent end. Meanwhile, New Zealand has a new non government funded media talk show outlet that is seriously taking on the MSM talking heads with there new platform appropriately called "The Platform" In the aftermath of the “Fire and Fury” hit piece, the Platform has been giving voice to the organisations and individuals attacked in the piece including a three hour special devoted to giving a call in opportunity to the jab injured in New Zealand and putting a spotlight on advocate Lynda Wharton of Health Forum NZ which is compiling a database of jab deaths and injuries under the banner of Health Form NZ. Prior to this, the Platform invited Counterspin Media’s own Kelvyn Alp on to give a response to the Fire and Fury “documentary”. Previously he was scheduled to be interviewed by former politician Rodney Hide who does show great concern for what happened at the Wellington protests as we all as the “vaxx” injured, and indeed hosted the 3 hour session on jab injured, doing a great job with that. Instead, the Platform rescheduled Kelvyn to be interviewed by their one MSM mindset “rottweiler” host Michael Laws. Michael introduced Counterspin’s Kelvyn Alp as “… somebody who is probably regarded by the mainstream media as almost the devil and a leading purveyor pf misinformation and conspiracy theories.” Please help support the Platform and make this clip get high ratings by visiting the original clip here:

Monday Aug 15, 2022

Counterspin Media, along with a handful of other freedom groups and individuals, was dead centre of major government funded media attack. The lavishly funded 'Stuff circuit' hit piece 'Fire and Fury' spectacularly failed to hit its mark. Instead, the attempt to demonise various individuals and organizations within the 'Freedom movement' become more of a 'fizzer and flop'. The usual plethora of label diatribe, such as "Far-right", "Extremist", "White Supremacists", "Anti-vaxs" "Neo Nazi" and others were employed along with deliberately crafted music and imagery to entice the viewer into a pre-conceived notion of sinister intent on the part of the identities profiled within the documentary. Join Kelvyn & Hannah as they 'Counterspin' this agenda-driven propaganda, with a number of other key people featured in that piece, including; Counterspin Media's Damien De Ment, Carlene Hereora (save our children), Kyle Chapman (Community Peacekeepers) and former AUT Law Lecturer, Amy Benjamin. FIRE & FURY DOCUMENTARY: NZ FREEDOM MOVEMENT LINKS FEATURED IN THE DOCO CARLENE HEREORA DAMIEN DE MENT VOICES FOR FREEDOM CHANTELLE BAKER KYLE CHAPMAN Community Advocate Peacekeepers COUNTERSPIN MEDIA OTHER NZ FREEDOM GROUPS NZ DRS NZ TEACHERS THE FREEDOM & RIGHTS COALITION SILENT NO MORE - VAX INJURY SUPPORT FREE NZ - LIZ GUNN Please help support freedom of speech in New Zealand with your donation:  

Thursday Aug 11, 2022

Awakening View is a new edition to the Counterspin platform. A talk show where we awaken to more layers of the deception and focus on the Great Awakening that is the antidote to the Great Reset. In our first episode Hannah talks to journalist and freedom lover Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy Australia. Melbourne experienced some of the toughest covid response measures and as a result Monica was arrested and imprisoned for 22 days under incitement charges. She shares her ordeal, what the final outcome was and the exciting future plans she has. This show was bought to you by Ouchie Powder. Email for more details or go to Check out the Brilin Functional Medicine Centre for all your healing needs. Also purchase an Alfa Stim using this code to receive $50 off: CSM50 at

Thursday Aug 11, 2022

CSM contributer & favourite Damien De Ment joins us tonight for a reflection on Saturday's Freedom rally at the Auckland Domain. The Counterspin team went to cover the Freedom and Rights Coalition protest along with the Mark Graham "counter protest" on Saturday and were assaulted by a supporter of the counter protest. We show the footage of the perpetrator and we need your help to identify them and hold them accountable. We discuss the Great Awakening as a response to the Great Reset, touching on what's happening in the U.S. Follow Damien here: This is followed by the wonderful freedom loving Christchurch mayoral candidate Pastor Carl Bromley who discusses the abuse & attacks he has suffered at the hands of left wing extremists and also lays out his vision for a healthier and more honest Christchurch City Council. Carl covers his idea of a united front of Freedom parties to bring the true awakening to NZ. Follow Carl here: Be sure to get Counterspin merchandise and Ouchie Powder gifts as a thank you for your donation Thanks to for sponsoring this show. 🔄 Counterspin NZs Media Revolution Facts & Evidence based Not a pay to say platform

Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

Long time Counterspin Media contributor William Bisset of the Brilin Functional Medicine Centre ( is now launching his new series "Right to Truth" on the Counterspin Media channel. William labelled this edition as "Labour Approved Child Abuse" referring to the NZ Labour Party currently in power. At Counterspin Media, we have retitled this "New Zealand Government Approved Child Abuse" as it take more than one party to tango: Is this going too far: ‘Labour approved child abuse’? Some might call this ‘School approved brain- washing’? Or is this a genuine move to protect children from a virus that does not seem to exist? What do you think? Both? Neither? a part of agenda 2030 maybe? Please give us your feedback on William’s interview with Ross. They say this is not just another mask video, they wonder if it is time for a call to action for parents and the community to protect the children. Please consider donating to Counterspin Media here:


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