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Saturday Jun 18, 2022

The Greymouth stop was held in a hall at the local RSA which had the trolls trying to shut us down again.  Philip Paterson, a long time 1080 activist discussed the history of the anti-1080 movement & the damage this poison is causing in NZ.  Roy Arbourne, continued on this topic and his observations as a bee keeper and the effects of 1080 on honey Kath Lane from Hari Hari gave a talk about her views on the proposed Waitaha power scheme & current DOC stewardship land currently undergoing reclassification.  Dinnay, an everyday NZer went to Picton for a day to support the convoy. Her and her brother have been visited by the boys in blue & she shares her thoughts on what this government has done that no other one before it has. Forty & Jacquie share Forty's vaccine injury story.  Tonica a nurse with over 47 years experience nursing was mandated out of a job.  Heather-Meri Pennycook is back by popular demand. In 2020 Heather stood for the NZPP party in the general election. Since then she has been speaking out about the U.N Agendas and offers workshops on Living Law as a solution.  Stephen, from Auckland is a retired gentleman. He spoke about varying opinions on the corrupt political practices within NZ and what we need to enshrine our rights. The mic was then open for questions and for locals to share their views & stories. Please help to fund the people's voice by donating to:

Thursday Jun 16, 2022

Another great night at the Hawea Flat Hall - Wanaka: Speakers: 1. Caz - Staffroom bullying and teacher mandates.2. Randall Richards -Eye-witness testimony is gold. A photo-journalist’s brief personal account from the USA in 1969to 2022 at the Wellington protest.3. Jen - D. None of the above. A new paradigm ofgovernance.4. Deb - Trauma in the body and how to keep calm anddiscern "truth" in the barrage of news.5. Heather Meri Pennycook - Overveiw of WEF & UNAGENDA. Hostile Legislation designed to shutdownAgricultural Sector. Summary of Living Law & How toApply It.6. Robyn Lelievre from Alexandra - "WTF I thought retirement wouldbe different."7. Stevey Chernishov - His details are on the Bluff episode8. Kim - True community Please consider donating at:

Friday Jun 10, 2022

After more attempts to cancel our events we didn't give up and The Eagle hosted us in Bluff. Geoff the Bee Man will discuss cancel culture and his trip to Picton, Wellington and his pro choice market. Dana Lee is a mother of three. She has a passion for truth and has git involved with ending lockdown back in Mid 2020. She is dedicated to bringing true freedom for all. She sees through the lies of cultural Marxism and the conditioning of victim mentalities. She's the most courageous woman Rob Wilson from the New Nation Party speaking on where we are at as a country, where we are headed and what is being done by some to stop the globalist takeover of our land. Gill Booth is a wife, mother, Freedom Fighter. She will discuss the Road to Recovery is through Local Government. Jaspreet Boparai is a rural mum, wife and a geek who's had an interest in all things farming, United Nations and Local Government.  An ex-mortgage underwriter who worked with some of India's largest private sector banks, she moved to New Zealand in 2009 with husband. Stevey Chernishov, Entrepreneur, Activator of Ideas, Registered Teacher, graduated three times at the University of Otago, focusing on visual arts, education & social research methods. "To build a brand with products that inspires people to see their true identity & shows them how to build a better world." Please consider donating at:

Friday Jun 10, 2022

It was a special night hosted by the Henley Community Centre, who stood their ground and refused to discriminate. Speakers included: Farmer James - speaking on farming, Wellington & police harassment Gill Booth - speaking on U.N Agenda Heather-Meri Pennycook (Ag Action Gatherings) - solutions & living law Steve Lawton - An overview of the world system of bondage Dana Lee - on Maoridom & cancel culture Please consider donating at:

Thursday Jun 09, 2022

Counterspin's tour bus "The Storm" rolled into the Shearers' Quarters between Temuka and Timaru for another great night with standing room only. The MC was William Bisset from the Brilin Function Medicine Centre in Christchurch and Timaru. Among other topics William presented his experiences with minimising jab damage and shedding. Hadleigh Oudemans asked "Is a Sovereign Declaration of Independence Possible?" And Philip Tomlinson gives his thoughts on "Institutions and Assumptions" Please help support the bus tour here:  

Thursday Jun 09, 2022

A last minute stop was arranged for the tour crew at the Sinclair Community Centre in Ashburton. MC Robbie Shefford introduced a diverse range of speakers: Pastor Carl Bromley – From Is It Just Me?  Lee Williams – From Cross The Rubicon  Sarah – Fear & How To Handle It  Neil Brown – Ashburton Mayor shares his thoughts on 3 Waters  Kristen – Teacher speaks on her experience losing her job Frank – Bovis & the impact it’s had on live stock  Stefan – Deception & Evolution  Please help the Counterspin bus tour by donating:

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

Christchurch based singer and song writer Yulia performs her newest song "We Do Not Comply" at the Counterspin Media "Let's Not Forget Tour" stop at the Lotus Heart Restaurany in Christchurch on May 28th 2022. "The world belongs to the free. Those free people are you and me" - Yulia Please share and help this song go viral.

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

It was a special night hosted by the Lotus Heart restaurant, who stood their ground and refused to discriminate. William Bisset, from the Brilin Functional Medicine Centre MC'd the event. And Yulia Townsend, an internationally acclaimed singer, accompanied by Hanafi Machirus, accomplished jazz guitarist & Tomas Hurnik an Associate Principal Cellist of Christchurch Symphony, provided a wonderful concert as she shared excerpts of her life as an artist under covid restrictions. Speakers included: Ross Hebblethwaite - “I Wonder Where This Is Taking Us?” Realizing what is possible in the face of what seems planned. Tracy Power – Parallel economy, bringing merchants & buyers together in the community to trade/exchange & thrive in the future. Lee Williams from Cross the Rubicon Pastor Carl Bromley (Mayoral Candidate) from Is It Just Me Nz? Please consider donating at:

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

The stop in Cust, North Canterbury was full of fun, food, live music and a diverse line up of speakers on issues facing communities across New Zealand. Speakers included Pastor Carl Bromley from 'Is It Just Me?'. Lee Williams from 'Cross the Rubicon'. Joe Holland from NZTSOS discussed his journey through the mandates and back to the classroom. Franny, a local physiotherapist shared the destruction of her business. Minette, talked about food security and herb wisdom. We covered a wide range of topics that were confronting at times & thoroughly interesting. Live professional music from Seb Warren and MC'd by Heidi Warren. 🔄 Counterspin NZs Media Revolution Facts & Evidence based Not a pay to say platform  

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

The Blenheim stop was hosted by the Woodbourne Tavern. Rachel Ruby was MC and talked of her Wellington arrest during the Freedom protest. Semi-retired dentist Dr Fred Timmermans shared his experience under covid-19 & his future plans. Tina & other locals highlighted local happenings in Blenheim. Simi shared the adverse reaction her baby suffered after a routine vaccine. Richie discussed his thoughts on the problems & solutions. A youth worker discussed the effects of conditioning and the importance of being free. Please consider donating at


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