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Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Mary Byrne is committed to truth & freedom and has been the national coordinator for Fluoride Free NZ for over 20 years. Mary also started a group called the Freedom Alliance in 2020. During the recent CSM Let's Not Forget Tour Mary & her team organized the Wellington event. She joined us to discuss their protest at the upcoming Wellington Water Committee at the Hutt City Council against fluoridation, which, since going to air has been canceled, CSM The Council meeting will now be held on zoom where Mary and others will address the meeting opposing fluoridation of Wellington, Hutt Valley and Porirua as it is a neurotoxin. The meeting can be viewed here from 8.30am on Friday 29th July: For more information on Fluoride Free NZ: Please consider donating to COunterspin Media to help keep these stories coming out:

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Last night the co-leader of the Outdoors & Freedom Party, Donna Pokere-Phillips shared that she is seeking political utu for the passing of her father, post jab.    Donna also annonced that she will be standing for mayor in the upcoming local body elections.   🔄 Counterspin NZs Media Revolution Facts & Evidence based Not a pay to say platform

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

This content first appeared in Counterspin LIVE Episode 67: Bishop Brian Tamaki, Destiny Church and The Freedom and Rights Coalition leader, has made waves across NZ for the past year, taking a stand againt "Covid-19" draconian legislation. He's recently acknowledged his role organising freedom rallies across the country since October last year which saw him imprisoned for 10 days. Tamaki joined us to discuss the successful motorway shut down over the weekend on the same day freedom events were held worldwide to stand as one with the Dutch farmers and suggests future plans will surprise everyone.  TFRC have upcoming rallies scheduled for August the 6th in Auckland, 13th in Christchurch and the 26th in Wellington.  For more information check out their website: This video was bought to you by Donations to Counterspin Media are always welcome:

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

This video first appeared in Counterspin LIVE Episode 67: Counterspin returns, after a 3 month hiatus from regular broadcasting as they were traveling the length & breadth of NZ on the Let's Not Forget Tour. Returning now, stronger than ever, with a commitment to spinning the fake media to help you get to the truth. Join us for "Not the 6 O'clock News" as we decode propaganda & bring you stories the mainstream won't. On the first edition back as we look to connect the dots of the climate change narrative which is now ramping up, along with the big lie that is the Covid-19 virus narrative and how a controlled demolish of society is occurring with the farming crises in Holland and around the world. Along with Monkeypox and all the other new "variants" Farmer James highlights the new one sweeping NZ. As schools go back, masks are being mandated again despite PM Ardern thinking she is above the rules herself. Controversy was abuzz on social media last week with school lockdown procedures worrying parents. A Rangitoto College letter confirmed their worst fears. The Tokelau whistle-blowers finally get MSM attention although not the kind they are after. As farmers in Holland were supported by General Flynn, closer to home the leaders of NZ were shutting out the Tax Payer Union for the LGNZ meeting for disagreeing with them on the new 3 Waters proposal. Groundswell organized a protest at the meeting but many feel the farmers lobby group is too soft despite their attempts to organize a boycott of government farming statiscs collection and highlighting what some call a land grab on the West Coast. Finally, questions are starting to be asked around Nuremberg 2.0 and whether Russia will be the one to hold the swamp accountable through trials, highlighting corruption in the Ukraine. Please support Caouterspin Media by donating here:

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

Counterspin are back to studio broadcasting after 3 months on the road on the Let's Not Forget Tour. Join us for "Not the 6 O'clock News" as we spin the fake media propaganda & bring you stories the mainstream won't. Guest line-up: Brian Tamaki, TFARC leader, will discuss the successful motorway shut down over the weekend. Donna Pokere-Phillips, co-leader of the Outdoors & Freedom Party, shares the real reason she believes her father suddenly died & who she holds accountable. Mary Byrne, national coordinator for Fluoride Free NZ, joins us to discuss their upcoming Wellington event. Mahelino Patelesio & Danny Pelasio are whistle-blowers exposing horrific treatment of the unvaccinated in Tokelau. The levels of abuse have ramped up a notch as the island officials try to stop them bringing light to this terrible situation. Virologist & immunologist MUST watch: Counterspin NZs Media Revolution Facts & Evidence based Not a pay to say platform

Saturday Jul 23, 2022

Here are the highlights in 15 minutes our the Let's Not Forget Tour stop at Towai Tavern on the outskirts of Whangarei. You can view the full show here: Brad Flutey was the MC for another backed out gathering in Whangarei. Our host Charlie, at Towai Tavern was very happy to have us back. Brad updated the audience on the Marsden Point dig in, including a chat at the end with a refinery worker, ACC Advisor Jeanette Brock gave us an update on her work with jab injured, Matt King discussed his new political party Democracy Now, Claire Swinney did a book review on Klaus Schwab's book "The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Magaret Coutts from VFF discussed our Bill of Rights and others including 11 year old Smith, who stole the show, shared their thoughts. If you can afford it, we'd appreciate your donation to help us to keep the show on the road -

Saturday Jul 23, 2022

Kelvyn & Hannah return on Monday at 8pm, after being away from regular broadcasting for 3 months as they travelled the country on a nationwide tour. The studio is being set up, content collated and interviews being lined up. They are very excited to be getting back to counter spinning the mainstream narratives. BE IN TO WIN!!! We are giving all our valued supporters the opportunity to receive a CSM Limited Edition Tour Black or Green Camo T-Shirt (size dependant on availability) For your chance to win see steps below 1) Make a donation ASB - Account Name: Counterspin Media Account Number: 12-3032-0192290-000 Draw Date: Monday 25 July, 8pm (live on show) Let’s Not Forget Tour Camo T-Shirt

Saturday Jul 16, 2022

Here are the 15 minute highlights of the Let's Not Forget bus tour stop 2 held at The Barn in Taipa, Northland. 27 April 2022 You can see the full show here: Counterspin favorites Dana Lee & Carlene Hereora make guest appearances amongst a great lineup of speakers. It was a privilege hearing all the raw & real stories about the recent protest at Wellington, including nurse Robyn McGuire, a mandated A&E nurse who worked in the Wellington med tent for 3 weeks straight almost. The sad covid casualty stories were important to witness and the creativity & solutions people are implementing in the community is inspiring. Music was provided by John and Friends at the Barn. If you'd like to support us, consider donating

Thursday Jul 14, 2022

Here are the Highlights from the first night on Counterspin Media's Let's Not Forget Tour. Hear the full show here: The “Let’s Not Forget” tour has started and as a pre tour warm up we held an evening event at the former Lone Star restaurant New Lynn, Auckland. The owners, Brendan & Stephanie stood strong against the government vaccine mandates and unfortunately this has meant they have not only lost their business but also their home. Despite their losses, they have found support within the wider freedom movement and it was a logical place to hold our pre tour gathering. They share their story. Further speakers include Lynda Wharton from the Health Forum NZ, Amy Benjamin, former law Lecturer at AUT, Elliot Ikilei from the Daily Examiner, Peter Vaughan, a Profiler & mayoral candidate and lastly we hear from Anna Hodgkinson a mother, whose daughter was severely jab injured. The MC for the night was Damien De Ment and music was provided by DJ Ape Ex & Mark. It was a wonderful night, attended by over 200 people. Please support Counterspin Media by donating here –

Thursday Jul 14, 2022

After 3 months on the road traveling the full length and breadth of New Zealand on the Let's Not Forget bus tour, Hannah and Kelvyn have been taking some much deserved time off. But do not worry, Counterspin is coming back. and also announcing a new channel on Youtube! Except - this video got instantly banned as "medical misinformation" within 5 minutes of being uploaded to our new youtube channel. Well, it seems we won't be back on youtube again anytime soon, and so thank you Alex Jones and Infowars for BANNED•VIDEO


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